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Hi guise! farrahespina.tumblr.com is now happinessetcblog.tumblr.com <3 YAY


Oh hello there! Omg, you actually clicked to this page! I would like to welcome you to my blog which I call “Happiness, etc”. If you are the shallow person (like me) that I think you are for clicking the link on my Instagram page then I wish that you would enjoy what I would be posting as much as…

Adventure time


Crocheted Tom’s! Love

A simple (but I hope not too simple) OOTD last weekend! Mint sweater, black skater skirt, black suede loafers and black sling bag <3 I can’t help but be simple almost all the time. Not sure if it’s good or bad.

I wore this outfit to walmart (which made it obvious that don’t go out a lot). I had a great weekend though!

Fluffy kitty cat is a snob. Fluffy kitty cat is cute anyway! Hihi

It’s my third day here in Vail, CO! The place is just breath-taking. Here are some snaps!

Bourough is one of my favorite places to go to for good food. When in Borough, get the milk and cookies (for dessert). And for the main course, get one of these three: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich, Steak and Eggs and the Portobello Burger. Sure win! Warning: Most of the food is super oily and fatty but super good!

Borough is located at The Podium

What do you do when you’re sad? This music box instantly gives me good vibes when I play it. It was given to me by my boyfriend on a special day. It plays the song “When You Wish Upon A Star”, a Disney classic! Such a pretty song!

Jogging is one of the best things that make me feel all happy inside (except when I start smelling dog poo on my shoes). What else? Playing chill music while at it- perfect! It gets better when the sun starts to shine.

These flowers are some of the few things my boyfriend gave to me before he left for the United States. Currently, they are in the stage of wilting. How can they be so pretty even so?